Iran Claims to have Recovered Data from US ScanEagle Drone

Iran claims to have extracted data from the United States UAV that was allegedly captured this week. The “ScanEagle” a Navy based surveillance drone was said to be captured when it flew into Iranian air space. It is the second US drone to be confiscated by the Iranians.

We have extracted data off the drone… it shows what the Americans were looking for. The drone was gathering intelligence on military (objectives) as well as the energy sector, particularly oil transitions at terminals,” said Iranian Brigadier Geneneral Ramezan Sharif.

He also added that, “more information would be released if necessary.” The US denies that it has recently lost any Drones and that all ScanEagle’s are accounted for. To such Sharif responded, “I advise the American commanders to recount their drones accurately.

With tensions rising in the Middle East over Iran and it’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, I have no doubt that the US military is performing heavy surveillance of Iranian assets.  And while the ScanEagle has sophisticated imaging equipment onboard, it is not clear from available information if it stores the information locally on a hard drive, or transmits all data live as it is obtained.

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