First Aid Kit for Sys Admins – Free eBook

“You’ve found a virus running on your server. You discover logon IDs on your network that you don’t recognize and you can’t delete them. The logs say someone accessed the payroll admin’s computer and copied the master earning report. A hacker emails you saying they have your credit card database. Any one of these is enough for you to hit the panic button and lose it – don’t.

These things happen, and when they do, just keep a cool head on your shoulders and follow the established procedure for dealing with issues. In our First Aid Kit for Sys Admins, we’re going to give you the steps you need to take to provide immediate aid to hacked systems, infected workstations, compromised services and other computer emergencies that will come up from time to time in any network.”

Network intrusions and cyber attacks are on the rise. Do you know the best techniques to defend your network, or what to do if the worse happens? Our Friends at GFI have released a free eBook (PDF) providing helpful tips to aid in dealing with the myriad of security issues that we face.

The “First Aid Kit for SysAdmins“.

Check it out!

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