Israel’s Deputy Prime Minister Shalom’s Social Media Sites Hacked – Personal E-mails Stolen?

(** Content Warning **)

Israel’s Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom’s Twitter account appears to have been hacked by a group called the Zcompany Hacking Crew.

Visitors to Minister Shalom’s Twitter page were greeted with a very modified background image. Also numerous pro-Palestine messages were posted under the minister’s account.

Also a YouTube account under his name was defaced by the same group. Only two videos were present one a ZHC video and one entitled “Free Palestine Free Gaza”.

His Facebook, also allegedly hacked was down and un-available when we checked. But from other sources Minister Shalom’s Facebook page had a “Free Palestine” image on it, and again numerous pro-Palaestine messages were posted under his name.

News of the hack was posted on the hacktivist group Anonymous Twitter feed. Along with the notice was a provocative tweet stating: “So what would happen if a certain vice prime ministers email got released to the public?”

Was just the Deputy Minister’s Social Media accounts hacked, or did they get into his personal system as well? A news report from stated that the hacker group was able to access his e-mail, contacts and documents.

They also claimed that they will publicly release them.

If this is true, then a hacker group was able to bypass Israel’s cyber defenses and gain access to Shalom’s personal system. Most likely by using some sort of Social Engineering type attack.

We will keep an eye on this story, as accessing a government leader’s personal system is a lot more damaging than just defacing or running denial of service attacks against random Israeli sites.


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