New “Flood_Router26” IPv6 attack takes down Mac OS X and Server 2012

Sam Bowne, Ethical Hacking instructor at City College San Francisco has released a crazy video showing two of the latest IPv6 Router Advertisement attacks from the THC-IPv6 attack toolkit. And from what it looks like, these attacks work against both Mac and Microsoft systems.

In the second part of the video, the “Flood_Router26” RA attack first takes down a Mac OS X’s network interface and then throws the Mac into a spinning “Circle of Death”. A Windows XP system hooked to the network went to 100% resource usage and when the 2012 Server is checked, it actually rebooted!

More information about this attack, screenshots, packet captures and instructions can be found here.

WARNING! Do not attempt this on a live network!

Crazy! Hopefully Apple and Microsoft addresses this issue quick!

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