Printing Firearms – Cyberwar just became Real

3D printing is making some amazing strides. From printing usable tools for astronauts to 3D printers making themselves, the technology is just cool. But how far can it go? Could you “print” a weapon?

Sure can! How about this AR-10 lower made by Ambulatory Armament Depot:

I did computer support at a super precision CNC machine company. I will never forget watching a monstrous CNC Mill creating a bronze shoe. Complete with shoe laces and everything. It was amazing. There is something about using a machine to make objects that just stirs something in our creative soul.

But the ability to create functional weapons from a 3D printer really opens up a whole new frontier. Okay, for the record, just part of the AR lower was created with the printer, not the whole rifle.

Check out the printing process from his YouTube video:

So, when assembled the $100 question is – Did it work?

You bet, check this out:

It even mis-feeds like a real one when the magazine isn’t fully inserted!

Very amazing!

Now the question is, with AR lowers being the “touchy” part of the rifle – you need an FFL dealer involved to buy one – will the ATF be paying our new friend a visit?  🙂


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