TrendMicro “Mythbusting Mac Security” Video

Great video by TrendMicro. A lot of users think because they have a Mac or Linux system that they are impervious to viruses. Macs and Linux machines are now as targeted as Windows based machines because of their increase in popularity. Security testing platforms like Backtrack include Linux and Mac shells that work just as well as their Windows counterparts.

And though the video mentions that only a small fraction of Mac users have a security program, I have where Linux based AV protection was actually WORSE than it’s Windows counterpart. When testing one of the Linux AV’s I was able to bypass it and gain a remote shell where the Windows version of the same AV actually caught the malware and stopped it.

Smart surfing, script blocking and e-mail safety goes a long way in protecting your system. Even if it is a Mac!  🙂


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