8 thoughts on “Microsoft Forcing Users to use Less Secure Passwords?”

  1. How do MS check that the first 16 chars are correct? Surely they only have the hash of the old longer password, so have no way of confirming that you have used the first 16 chars of your password. Unless they have only ever hashed the first 16 chars?

  2. Microsoft may have only ever hashed the first 16 chars and relied on most passwords being much less than this. Perhaps they have now upgraded systems to allow for much longer passwords, and as such the hash value of your 20+ char password no longer matches the hash they have, because that only related to the first 16 chars?

    1. Very interesting point. I honestly don’t know. Though, it seems that they are only allowing 16 Character passwords now for the Live passwords, and I think Windows 8 RTM has a 16 character password limit too.

  3. Playschool passwords for a playschool user interface! I thought Microsoft and I were starting to be friends. Win7 is actually my favorite MS Windows flavor, despite preferring the classic look.

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