Second Issue of Exploit Mag is out!

The second free issue of Exploit Magazine has been released!

This month’s issue highlight’s three articles written by, well… yours truly!

(Guys we really need more contributors. Help the security community out and share your knowledge! Contact me at cyberarms (at) for more info.)

Included are updated versions of my Pentesting with Metasploitable 2 article series, Security Testing with Powershell and Powerpoint, and a short article on Listening to VoIP calls with WireShark:

Practice Pentesting with Metasploitable 2

You have been learning some mad hacking skills, but how do you test them? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a system that came with vulnerabilities that you could try to exploit? Well, there is, meet Metasploitable 2!

In this article we will take a look at the purposefully vulnerable Linux system and learn how to exploit it. We will cover scanning a system, using a remote exploit to get root access, cracking the passwords, and then using the passwords to exploit all the systems on the network.

Security Testing with PowerShell and PowerPoint

Many times hackers think “Out-of-the-Box” and manipulate common services and programs to exploit a system. In this article we will look at gaining remote shells with PowerShell through the Social Engineering Toolkit and how to get remote user credentials via PowerPoint.

Listening to VoIP Calls from Packet Captures

In this article we will look at recovering and playing voice calls from nothing more than a network packet capture that includes VoIP traffic.

How difficult would it be to scan a packet capture, find the calls out of the thousands of available packets and be able to somehow listen to the call? Well, come to find out, it is not hard at all. The feature is built into Wireshark!

Check it out!

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