Hakin9 Exploiting Software SamuraiWTF Toolkit

A new issue of Hakin9 Exploiting Software is out!

Diving Through SamuraiWTF Toolkit – Massive article on setting up and using SamuraiWTF the Web Pentesting Ubuntu Distro platform.

Penetration Testing LAB Setup Guide – Exceptional article on setting up a kickin network test lab by Jeremiah Brott. I normally use physical machines or VMWare virtual machines, but in this article Jeremiah covers setting up an awesome lab using VirtualBox and PFSense. I now use this setup regularly – it works fantastic.

Web Filtering with Websense. To be or not to be filtered: that is the dilemma – Great article on Websense the web filtering program. Also a great article on why your company needs web filtering.

Malware, a cyber threat increasingly difficult to contain – I haven’t read this article yet, but read a lot of Pierluigi Paganini’s material. He is an exceptional writer and security expert.

Also in this issue:

  • Burp Suite Automating Attacks By Ric Messier
  • Memory Levels Gate Mitigation By Amr Thabet
  • Anti-Rootkits in the Era of Cyber Wars By Igor Korkin
  • Password Construction and Management By Gaurav Kumar
  • Picking Up Mushrooms in the Rain Forest – Social Engineering Information Gathering By Vlad Styran

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