Backtrack 5 r3 List of (some of the) new Tools and Programs

What are the new utilities included with Backtrack 5r3? I couldn’t find a list, so I decided to make one myself comparing BT5r2 with the latest version. This is not an exhaustive list, but hopefully it will help people see some of the very cool new tools and programs added to Backtrack.

I listed the program name and tried to give a short description of what it does. If I screwed any up, please let me know!

Identify Live Hosts:

  • dnmap – Distributed NMap
  • address6 (The Second “Alive6” entry) – IPV6 address conversion

Information Gathering Analysis

  • Jigsaw – Grabs information about company employees
  • Uberharvest – E-mail harvester
  • sslcaudit – SSL Cert audit
  • VoIP honey – VoIP Honeypot
  • urlcrazy – Detects URL typos used in typo squatting, url hijacking, phishing

Web Crawlers

  • Apache_users – Apache username enumerator
  • Deblaze – Performs enumeration & interrogation against Flash remote end points

Database Analysis

  • Tnscmd10g – Allows you to inject commands into Oracle
  • BBQSQL – Blind SQL injection toolkit

Bluetooth Analysis

  • Blueranger – Uses link quality to locate Bluetooth devices

Vulnerability Assesment

  • Lynis – Scans systems & software for security issues
  • DotDotPwn – Directory Traversal fuzzer

Exploitation Tools

  • Netgear-telnetable – Enables Telnet console on Netgear devices
  • Termineter – Smart Meter tester
  • Htexploit – Tool to bypass standard directory protection
  • Jboss-Autopwn – Deploys JSP shell on target JBoss servers
  • Websploit – Scans & analyses remote systems for vulnerabilities

Wireless Exploitation Tools

  • Bluepot – Bluetooth honeypot
  • Spooftooph – Spoofs or clones Bluetooth devices
  • Smartphone-Pentest-Framework
  • Fern-Wifi-cracker – Gui for testing Wireless encryption strength
  • Wi-fihoney – Creates fake APs using all encryption and monitors with Airodump
  • Wifite – Automated wireless auditor

A Bunch of Password Tools

  • Creddump
  • Johnny
  • Manglefizz
  • Ophcrack
  • Phrasendresher
  • Rainbowcrack
  • Acccheck
  • smbexec

And let’s not forget “Subterfuge” the MiTM Framework, and new Arduino support.

Okay, that is not ALL of the new additions, only a chunk of them! I believe last count there are around 60 new tools in the Backtrack 5r3 release.

But why use Backtrack 5 when you can use the latest Backtrack called Kali Linux!

Want to learn more about Backtrack/ Kali Linux?

My new book, “Basic Security Testing with Kali Linux” shows how to use many of the tools and programs in Backtrack/ Kali Linux using hands on step-by-step tutorials. Check it out!

You can also download the latest version of Backtrack/ Kali here.


~ by D. Dieterle on August 15, 2012.

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  2. Here is a good list:

    libcrafter blueranger dbd inundator intersect mercury cutycapt trixd00r artemisa rifiuti2 netgear-telnetenable jboss-autopwn deblaze sakis3g voiphoney apache-users phrasendrescher kautilya manglefizz rainbowcrack rainbowcrack-mt lynis-audit spooftooph wifihoney twofi truecrack uberharvest acccheck statsprocessor iphoneanalyzer jad javasnoop mitmproxy ewizard multimac netsniff-ng smbexec websploit dnmap johnny unix-privesc-check sslcaudit dhcpig intercepter-ng u3-pwn binwalk laudanum wifite tnscmd10g bluepot dotdotpwn subterfuge jigsaw urlcrazy creddump android-sdk apktool ded dex2jar droidbox smali termineter bbqsql htexploit smartphone-pentest-framework fern-wifi-cracker powersploit webhandler

    Those are everything that will need to be installed to get up to r3

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  9. The BackTrack folks need to update their lists of cards tested and working with packet injection. The list on their wiki is old.

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  12. how to insttal all this in bk ??? sorry im new for this

  13. Thank you Dan for your efforts. I am sure a more complete list will be see the light in the future.

  14. merci pour ce super tuto

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  16. i m in love wit it.. though i m new to it.. i really love it

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