154 Billion Hashes per Second with Multiforcer Password Cracker

So what does it take to reach cracking speeds topping 154 Billion hashes per second with multiple hashes?

How about the Cryptohaze Multiforcer network enabled password cracker program, 6 computers and 20 video cards?

“It was done entirely with AMD hardware, and involved 9×6990, 4×6970, 4×5870, 2×5970, and 1×7990 – for a total of 31 GPU cores in 6 physical systems. We had another 11 cards with 15 GPU cores left over – we didn’t have systems to put them in (mostly nVidia).”

The crazy fast speed was attained cracking 10 hashes! They were also able to obtain speeds of 139 B/s on 1000 NTLM hashes, 101 B/s on 1000 MD5,  and 30 B/s on 1000 SHA1 hashes.

The computers where setup in 4 separate physical locations and the server was an Amazon EC2 m1.small node. The Multiforcer system code allowed all these systems to work together, OVER THE INTERNET!

The tool was created to help out pentesters who need to crack passwords, but can not submit hashes obtained to online cracking programs due to auditing agreement restrictions.

Pretty cool stuff, for more information check out the Cryptohaze Blog, downloads are available from Cryptohaze.com, or better yet check out lead developer BitWeasil’s talk, “Cryptohaze Cloud Cracking” at Defcon 20.

9 thoughts on “154 Billion Hashes per Second with Multiforcer Password Cracker”

  1. Glad you enjoyed it! We most definitely did do this over the internet – we had machines in 4 physical locations, counting the EC2 server node, and everything worked very well together!

    1. Awesome! Great job guys, that is really impressive!
      Thanks too for clarifying the layout. I really appreciate it.

      Best of luck with your presentation! 🙂


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