Billabong Password Dump Analysis

Over 20,000 passwords, supposedly leaked from Billabong have been floating around. And as usual, I like to grab the passwords and analyze them for patterns. So I took 21,435 of them and ran them through the password analysis program Pipal.

Here are the top 7 Password Lengths:

The Complexity of the Passwords:

And Character Sets Used:

And finally, and most importantly, the question that we always ask and the one that everybody wants to know.

Was “Monkey” one of the top passwords?

The answer is….


Pfhew, had us worried there. It slipped down to #10 – but as usual in password dumps – along with the company name, “password”, and “12345” – our favorite password “monkey” is there!

5 thoughts on “Billabong Password Dump Analysis”

  1. Very cool… I like getting the emails from this subscription. Keep up the good work. I would like to post more, but being busy is a time consuming thing…. imagine that 😉

    Anyways, how did YOU come across this list? Is it still floating around? I would like to analyze it as well.

    1. Thanks Inzel, I really appreciate it!

      Lol! I hear you! It’s been crazy here too. Sometimes it seems like running a blog is a second job. 🙂

      Found one dump via Google and another via Twitter. Not sure if they are still out there or if they have been pulled.

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