Texans Practice Shooting Down Drones

Saw this video today and thought I would pass it on. Many Americans are up in arms about the news of police and government agencies using Drones to patrol US skies. Some are actually using arms to practice shooting them down!

Drone technology has been a game changer in Iraq and Afghanistan, but why use it in the friendly skies of the US? Big brother rumors abound, but there may be more to it. There have been over 40 reported attempted terrorist attacks on the US since 9/11. The real number may be much higher.

I was talking to a SWAT officer a few months ago and mentioned the 40+ stopped terrorist attacks. He just looked at me and said that border patrol guys say the number is much higher, but a lot of things they run into are not publicly reported.

Most likely the choice to use drone technology in the US is to detect and deter militant attacks. But of course the political correctness of America would inhibit politicians from coming out and publicly saying that. So, you get the Big Brother conspiracies and apparently, concerned US citizens that are practicing shooting these devices down.

Hopefully political correctness can be overcome and constitutional rights straightened out in this matter.

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