Mimikatz creator to Speak at PH Days Conference

The Positive Hack Days security conference will be going on in Moscow, Russia May 30-31. Pretty interesting looking international security conference, and this year the keynote speaker will be the ever popular Bruce Schneier.

PH Days will be full of activities, including presentations, labs and contests. The show also boasts a pretty impressive line up of both Russian and international security speakers talking on a wide array of current topics. One being our personal favorite, French security expert, Benjamin Delpy aka ‘gentilkiwi‘.

Benjamin is the creator of “Mimikatz“, the amazing software program that among other things, allows you to pull passwords in clear text from Windows based systems. According to PHD’s conference speaker list, his talk on Mimikatz will cover some new information that you will not want to miss. Especially if you are a Windows user. Trust me…

Benjamin is a great guy. So if you are planning on going, definitely check out his talk and say “Hi” to him afterwards.  🙂


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