How to Connect to Backtrack 5 from your Windows System

Have you ever been watching one of Vivek’s amazing tutorials on Security Tube (Very recommended by the way 🙂 ) and wondered how in the world he is accessing his Backtrack Linux system from a Windows box?

Welcome to the wonderful world of Putty and SSH (Secure Shell). SSH is a secure network protocol that you can use to connect to your Linux box remotely. Putty is a slick little Windows based client that lets you SSH into you Linux system and operate it just like you are sitting in front of it. Think of it as Remote Desktop for Linux.

All you need is Backtrack 5 – even works great in a Virtual Machine, your Windows system and Putty. This will give you the ability to use a remote Linux text terminal. If you want to use X (Graphical) programs, then you will need an x based server for Windows, “Xming” works great.

There is some minor setup on Backtrack’s side and some settings you need to set in Putty to make it all work right. 2Neon has created a great video (see above – set it to 720 HD for clarity) and an instructional write up on his blog. The video is nice, because it also shows how to install File Zilla to transfer files back and forth between your Windows and Backtrack system.

Check it out!

3 thoughts on “How to Connect to Backtrack 5 from your Windows System”

    1. Hi JC, thanks for visiting!

      The SSH tunnel would work from anywhere. This is a similar technique that many IT department employees use to bypass their corporate web browsing restrictions. They will create an SSH tunnel out and connect to a web proxy via the tunnel. That way they can surf to any page that they want without being blocked.

      This is also why a lot of corporations are cranking down on encrypted tunnels. 🙂

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