Google Street View in Israel

Google officially launched “Discover Israel” – Street View for Israel on Sunday. Very exciting, I have wanted to visit Israel for a very long time, yet have never had the opportunity. Street View gives you an exciting view of Israel, well – from the street level. You can navigate around the streets, look up and down, and zoom in and out in places all over Israel.

Jerusalem, the Old City, the Mount of Olives, Bethlehem, Gethsemane, the Western Wall all in beautiful color. Israel is special for so many people, especially Jerusalem. It is cool that Israel allowed the project to be done, even though you would think that security was an issue. Apparently though, Israel security experts weren’t too concerned with terrorists using Street Views, as one report mentioned that anyone involved with terrorism in Israel would already know the streets very well.

But Google did use it’s automatic face blurring technology to blur out faces and license plates. But apparently it gets confused sometimes. It seems to not like the guy in this poster outside Tel Aviv’s Beit Lessin Theater:

Also, people walking around the Old City wearing Google t-shirts seem to be immune to the blurring effect:

Navigating around the Old City is interesting, you seem to see the same people over and over. Mystery men wearing sunglasses and what appear to be ear pieces. Seems that Google brought along some protection.

If you are interested in Israel at all, Discover Israel is definitely worth checking out.


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