WordPress Site Menu in Wrong Place – Infinite Scroll

Hi all, just an apology to anyone who connected today and found that the WordPress right side menu was located half way down the page, and every post I ever made was on the main page! Looks like WordPress is rolling out a site wide change called “Infinite Scroll”. The problem is that certain WordPress themes don’t appear to play well with it.

This blog theme, Chaotic Soul is one of them. We should be back to normal now, if not please let me know.

If anyone else has run into this problem, the fix is kind of obscure. You need to put a blank text tag into your WordPress footer area. Then go into Settings>Reading and turn off infinite scroll. If you are using a theme without footers, the fix is more obscure. You have to temporarily switch to a theme that has footers, then copy a blank text widget to the footer area. Then you can go into Settings>Reading and turn off infinite scroll.

Save settings, then switch back to your original theme. This made mine better, but the menu was still in the wrong place, I had to then limit the number of posts to 4 on the Settings>Reading page (an option that did not exist before turning off infinite scroll) and all went back to normal.

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