US Drone Displayed in Iran a Fake?

Interesting twist today to the story of Iran recovering a downed US RQ-170 stealth drone. As the battle rages back and forth as whether Iran’s report of it’s cyber army hacking the plane, electronic jamming or hardware malfunction brought the plane down this statement from the New York Times caught my eyes:

“American officials have acknowledged the loss of an RQ-170, a C.I.A. stealth drone made by Lockheed Martin and designed to fly covert missions and collect information in hostile territory, but have declined to confirm or deny that it is the plane that Iran says it recovered.”

They refuse to confirm or deny that the drone being displayed is the one the US is missing… What?

Why would they do that?

Could it be that the drone on display in Iran is a fake? Take a good look at the picture above from the video. Does this look like a $6 million dollar precision stealth drone or a parade float as military hardware expert John Pike at lovingly describes it:

“…it was highly unlikely the Iranians had the technology to wrest control of the drone’s navigation and bring it down so softly that it was left with barely a scratch.

“It looks like a parade float. For one thing, it looked remarkably intact for something that crashed, and the wings are drooping the wrong way.

“On the real thing, the wings go up at the end. This one’s wings droop down.”

If they are displaying a fake, why would they lie?

I believe to bring a halt to future intelligence gathering missions or possibly a reprieve from the “mystery” explosions that seem to be targeting Iran’s nuclear scientists and weapons specialists.

At best case, it could be a propaganda victory. Why show a mangled and battered drone that has all the electronics on-board destroyed, when you could create a mock up and make the US think they have all the hardware and programming intact?

One thing is for certain. With the CIA being involved in this, we are probably not going to see any more information released from the US side.

If the drone Iran has is legit and intact, the next question is who will end up with it, Russia or China?


4 thoughts on “US Drone Displayed in Iran a Fake?”

  1. I thought this whole thing was pretty fishy too. We’re supposed to believe that Iranistan was able to locate, track, target, and engage a stealth drone, hack it, take it over, and then get it to land in one piece? Isn’t this the country that failed to properly photo-shop it’s new fighters and missile tests? Pardon my cynicism. lol

    Of course, anything is possible…

    Hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas bud!


    1. Philo!

      Hey buddy, long time no hear!

      LOL, I forgot about Iran’s Photoshop skills.

      Check this out from AOL Defense:

      “Looks like a fake, Does not look like the condition of an aircraft that lost control. Also wrong color, and they are not showing the landing gear or bottom of the aircraft… and the welds on the wing joints are hardly stealthy…” In order to avoid setting off radar, welds on stealthy aircraft must be very close to the surface of the structure and extremely smooth.”

      The wings looked like they are puttied on. It also looks a lot thinner through the middle compared to a real one:

      Real RQ-170

      Time will tell for sure, but something is fishy…

      Merry Christmas Philo, great seeing you again!

  2. Heh Heh Yeah, I’ve been here off and on. Went back to work at a job that keeps me pretty busy. Not a NetTech job like I wanted but one that pays the bills, so I’m not complaining.

    1. Man Philo, most of my friends that I started with in IT are long gone out of the field. Several of them were hyper talented, many levels above myself. But they got fed up with the long hours, the stress, lack of pay and being bounced around like a rubber ball.

      They were a huge talent pool that is no longer available. It’s sad when you think about it, but they are very happy doing something else. 🙂

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