Interesting Google Earth Chinese Mystery Structures and Others

Several odd Google Earth images in China are really getting a lot of attention this week. In an area located on the borders of Gansu province and Xinjiang, several mysterious sites have been detected. From mile long grid patterns to maze looking structures, to strange buildings – these are really a must see.

Though lots of rumors and conspiracy theories are already flooding the web, a close look at the images should dispel the fairy tales. This area looks to be nothing more than a test area for the Chinese military.

The maze looking white line structures are the oddest, but some are saying that these could replicate city street layouts. A close look at most of the structures,  the buildings especially, reveal a lot of bomb damage.

Most likely they are testing the effectiveness of different missiles and bombs. The small structures laid out in rows show this very clearly and this would also explain the planes in the concentric circle layout. In the same area are what appear to be two large runways. One looks like it has not been used in a while, the other appears to have heavy bomb damage at one end.

The massive grid layouts are very interesting. There appear to be two of them, covering miles, but again no real mystery here as these could be used to test the accuracy of long range missiles.

This is not the first time China made news with a Google Earth find. A couple years ago a mockup of a US F-117A Nighthawk stealth fighter was located outside a Chinese missile R&D facility:

China’s military is very active in building and researching weapons (Chinese hackers have been busy!). Supposedly odd line structures can also be found around Area 51, where the US builds test fighters and bombers.

Want to see some more interesting Google Earth images? Check out these below from around the world:


And of course the Nazca lines in Peru:

If you zoom in in on the Nazca lines in Google Earth, it will automatically outline the numerous ancient geoglyphs for you.

** Update – Mystery Solved?


2 thoughts on “Interesting Google Earth Chinese Mystery Structures and Others”

  1. The bomb target practice theory may make sense but the two runway-like structures are a bit curious. Why is the eastern one bright light-blue, as is the square just north of the westerly “runway”. I am wondering if they are not salt ponds. The dark segment of the top square could be where they have just harvested the salt (in some photos I seem to see mounds that could be the salt that is swept up before packaging; also in those blue-roofed sheds to the east there are what could be (white) sacks of salt lying everywhere–the sheds could just be the storage depot). There are trenches (canals?) running along the “runway” that could be carrying water from further north (they run quite a distance; either collecting snowmelt or artesian?). Some of the earthworks (bomb craters?) may just be rock salt mines. I believe the rocks are broken up and mixed with water, spread out in a pan to allow the earth and rock to settle and then the water evaporates and the salt crystallizes out, is swept up into piles etc.
    Before you dismiss this:
    If you track exactly 300 km due west in Google Earth you will come across Lop Nur a now dry lake. In the middle of it you will find blue squares which turn out to be potassium salt ponds. Described in Wiki:

    This would still leave the question of why build the salt pans in the shape of a fake runway? Well, it could simply be convenient double purpose. Remember the Chinese military run lots of commercial operations so this could just be getting two birds with one stone. The state is probably paying for the lot. Obviously this desert area is rich in salts.

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