Kenyan Air Force used Twitter to warn Somalia of Air Strikes

The use of Twitter as an instant world wide news service is really gaining in popularity. As a matter of fact, in January of this year, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev learned of the Domodedovo International Airport bombing through Twitter.

But new ground was broken as the Kenyan Air Force tweeted Somalis warning them of incoming air strikes. According to the Wired article, “Kenyan Air Force Tweets Somalis: We’re About to Bomb You #Duck” Kenya sent a couple tweets warning of upcoming strikes:

““BAIDOA, BAADHEERE, BAYDHABO, DINSUR, AFGOOYE, BWALE, BARAWE, JILIB, KISMAYO and AFMADHOW will be under attack continuously,” Maj. Emmanuel Chirchir, a Kenyan military spokesman, Tweeted on Tuesday afternoon. In an interview with the BBC, Chirchir clarified that the attacks are targeting extremist camps near the listed towns.

Though hopefully the press will not spin this as a form of cyber attack, one thing is for certain, Somalia will definitely remove the Kenyan Air Force from their “Friends” list…


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