Battlefield 3 to be Released on October 25th!

* – Uncensored Video

OK, I know this has nothing to do with IT Security, but hey, we all need something to do in our down time right?

I am a huge Battlefield fan and the latest Battlefield looks utterly amazing. Yeah, I’ve played the Alpha and the Beta releases and trust me, it will blow your mind!

Check out the trailer above, (and below) and yes the real game looks THAT good. Fully realistic and destructible environment.

Some of the unlock perks are just sweet. Like the EOD demolition robot! Oh, man the first time I saw one I was taken totally by surprise, and my guy died shortly thereafter!

Okay, some of the unlocks were silly, like an SKS as a sniper unlock and the Dragunov is a standard issue weapon?? Sorry, my love for  military tech snuck out there.

Check it out, Battlefield 3, coming soon to a store near you!


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