India Announces $35 Android 2.2 Tablet!!!

Let the price war begin. Recently, Amazon announced the “Kindle Fire“, a Kindle reader on steroids that allows you to browse the web, play apps and watch movies. Now India has announced it’s home grown “Aakash Tablet“, which will initially sell to India’s college students for $35.

The India government is subsidizing the first 100,000 to get the price down to $35. But the actual cost is only $50, and they have plans to get the cost down to around $10.

The Tablet, runs Android 2.2 and sports a 7″ screen, 256 MB of RAM, 2GB of flash memory and a 2GB Micro-SD and 2 USB ports. It also comes with Wi-Fi support and offers 3G as an option.

Here is a video showing the tablet in use:

Looks pretty interesting, and with the low price point, looks like a tablet price war may soon ensue. This is all good news for the end user!

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