Will Corporations Skip Windows 8?

Windows 8 should be released within a year, but will users flock to it as Microsoft is hoping? Honestly, probably not.

A lot of corporations recently (read FINALLY) switched to Windows 7, but Windows XP still has a huge install base. Last year, 74% of business computers still ran Windows XP. From a mix of polls for this year, it looks like Windows XP still has the edge, but in some, Windows 7 had a slight advantage.

Other reports seem to point out that numerous companies are planning to switch to Windows 7, but not for a few more years.

Windows 8 is an interesting creature. It will come with two interfaces. One is a traditional Windows type interface, but the second screams “iPhone”.  The touch based interface looks like a direct port of the iPhone.

But with many corporations planning to switch to Windows 7 in a couple years, Windows 8 could be bypassed all together. Why would businesses take a gamble on a new operating system when Windows 7 has a solid install based and is a proven operating system?

Time will tell, but Windows 8 may not make as big a splash as Microsoft is anticipating.

And by the way, if you haven’t switched to Windows 7 yet and are still hesitant, try it! Windows 7 is very stable and much more secure than Windows XP.

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