China Hacking Tool captured on Chinese Military Propaganda Ad

A Chinese military propaganda video released mid-July shows what many have accused the Chinese of all along. Being responsible for numerous cyber attacks on different nations.

According to an article on The Epoch Times:

The documentary itself was otherwise meant as praise to the wisdom and judgment of Chinese military strategists, and a typical condemnation of the United States as an implacable aggressor in the cyber-realm. But the fleeting shots of an apparent China-based cyber-attack somehow made their way into the final cut.

The Chinese made attack tool can be seen in the above Youtube video starting at 39 seconds. And in case there are any questions on who made it, “Electrical Engineering University of China’s People’s Liberation Army” is displayed on the tool. It seems that this tool was specifically made to attack Falun Gong websites.

The software window says “Choose Attack Target.” The computer operator selects an IP address from a list—it happens to be—and then selects a target. Encoded in the software are the words “Falun Gong website list,” showing that attacking Falun Gong websites was built into the software.

A drop-down list of dozens of Falun Gong websites appears. The computer operator chooses, the main website of the Falun Gong spiritual practice.

The IP addressed listed on the screen belongs to the University of Alabama at Birmingham – University Computer Center. This proves that the Chinese military has in fact been attacking not only Chinese spiritual groups but systems in America.

According to the Washington Post, the original video has since been removed and an e-mail from China’s Defense Ministry said that “the scene was the “pure action of the producer,” and that “the content and opinion of the program do not represent the policy and stance of the government.

Well, nothing new here, they are denying that they are behind it, but as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

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