China’s Military Buildup and Cyber Attacks

From Foxnews:

“The pace and scope of China’s sustained military investments have allowed China to pursue capabilities that we believe are potentially destabilizing to regional military balances, increase the risk of misunderstanding and miscalculation and may contribute to regional tensions and anxieties,” said Michael Schiffer, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for East Asia.

According to the article, China spent $160 Billion for defense in 2010. Add to this the huge volume of technical and military information that China is believed to have siphoned in cyber attacks against the US and our allies.

The US imported $364.9 Billion from China in 2010. China cites our trade relations with Taiwan as a threat, but it appears that we only exported about $26 Billion to them in 2010. One would have to ask why one of our largest trading partners sees us as a threat?

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