Bitdefender 2012 Internet Security Suite Review & Total Security 2012 Giveaway

I was recently asked by Bitdefender to check out their latest version of Bitdefender Internet Security Suite 2012. They provided a couple copies of the software and I ran it through the paces. The results were very impressive.

Installation was very clean and simple. Once installed I quickly fell in love with the Auto Pilot mode.

One of the biggest complaints that I have heard over the years from users is how complicated internet security suites are to operate. I have fielded countless calls from co-workers and family members alike saying, “My anti-virus is asking me to do something, what should I click?” or “It found a virus, which option should I choose?”

Auto Pilot mode takes away the confusing questions, sets the software to default levels and runs silently with very little user interaction.

But what if you like “getting under the hood” and tweaking your settings? Bitdefender does not disappoint. When I dug into the settings from the control panel, I found a plethora of options and features that I could modify.

Sure you can set the Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam engine to modes ranging from permissive to aggressive. Or modify firewall rules and enable the Intrusion Detection System. But it was the vulnerability scanner that really caught my attention.

Let’s be honest with each other, what are the biggest problems with securing PC’s? Having an anti-virus and firewall alone will not completely protect you. You have to have your Windows patches installed, applications need to be kept up to date and you have to use secure passwords.

Bitdefender’s vulnerability scanner does just that. It checks for Windows updates and allows you to install them right from its console. It also checks some key applications that you have installed for updates and checks your user passwords for length and complexity.

Okay, it is packed with features, but how well does it do under attack?

Exceptional actually, it detected every test virus that I tried to run.

On an infected PDF that it could not clean it gave two options. One was to “Take the proper action” or “Take no action”. Clicking the first option successfully quarantined the virus. No confusing questions or options here.

The anti-phishing and malicious website protection was stellar. Numerous times Bitdefender displayed a large “Stop” warning page when trying to surf to questionable sites. And Bitdefender was the only anti-virus that I have seen yet to successfully stop the malicious Java script attack from Backtrack 5’s Social Engineering Toolkit.

Bitdefender Internet Security Suite 2012 does seem to draw a lot of resources, especially when everything is turned on and the scanners are set to aggressive. Also doing a full system scan seemed to take an extended amount of time.

But personally I would rather have the extra level of protection provided with aggressive scanning. Bitdefender also offers a “quick-scan” option that interestingly uses the power of the cloud to scan key files in memory.

I was very impressed with Bitdefender Internet Security Suite 2012 and highly recommend it.

Want a chance to win a license of the full blown Total Security 2012?

Total Security has all the great features of the Internet Security version but adds file shredding & encryption, system tune up and secure online backup. Bitdefender has graciously offered 5 licenses of the software (for a single user, on a single computer, for one year) as a give away.

For a chance to win one, simply download the trial version, share your thoughts of the trial version here, your blog, Twitter, or even Bitdefender’s Facebook page, then share the link to it in the comment section below and get a chance to win the full product.

*** UPDATE – The giveaway is now over and the winners have been notified. Thank you very much for making this such a success!


32 thoughts on “Bitdefender 2012 Internet Security Suite Review & Total Security 2012 Giveaway”

  1. BItdefender Total Security is easy to install and offers immediate protection against malware threats and viruses. The extra features arel also very useful to keep my backups safe, keep my data secure and optimize my pc for peace of mind.

    I would like to take part in the giveaway. Thanks.

  2. excellent product, works as advertised, extremely friendly, very fast and stabble. i would like to win a license, so pls count me in. thanks.

  3. Thanks for the nice giveaway.
    For the last few days i was using it since i have got a 90 day trial form their facebook page. 90 days is not worth for security software and would love to win for a complete year. So please consider me for this giveaway.

    Regarding the software i must say they have improved quite a bit. I can see some visible changes. The resource consumption is less. But their are still few issues regarding compatibility with other software. I need to uninstall my on-demand scanner as it is conflicting with this one. But i must say the detection is quite good and the interface looks quite cool too. All in all its a great software.

    Thanks once again for organizing such a nice giveaway.

  4. I have been waiting for Bitdefender Internet Security 2012 to come out for some time now , I especially like the autopilot mode & social networks protection feature as this is becomming more and more needful in antivirus apps.
    I always suggest to my friends it as the best security software protection your pc automatically.
    Bitdefender is one of the world best antivirus and has always been my first choice.
    Count me in please.!/fafabba/status/105663122559352835!/permalink.php?story_fbid=260059234024292&id=100001607045485

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