Robot plays Angry Birds

Love Angry Birds? Yeah, I know, addicting isn’t it?

But how cool would it be to build a robot that plays it?

OptoFidelity, a Finnish company has done just that. Check this out (From company website):

OptoFidelity has put the robot technology into good use, and designed a system which plays Angry Birds automatically. As OptoFidelity does a lot of work with touch panel testing and performance testing for mobile devices using video and optical measuring systems, it wasn’t hard to implement an application for this particular need. The most difficult part of the project was to play through all levels of Angry Birds. Thanks to the ready-made components that OptoFidelity already had, the robot controlling part was quite easy.


New US Stealth Copters used in Osama Raid

From The Register today:

The US special-ops troops who killed Osama bin Laden at the weekend appear to have travelled to their target in previously unknown stealth helicopters. One of the secret choppers was disabled during the raid and blown up by the departing SEAL commandos in a largely successful attempt to prevent its technology falling into non-US hands, but surviving fragments of the tail offer intriguing clues as to the aircraft’s design.

Looks like when the Seals try to destroy the disabled chopper by blowing it up. Problem is, the tail section remained somewhat intact. And from the pictures, it appears to be a never before seen “stealthy” design.

The remnant tail section has more blades than a normal Blackhawk and the blades are covered by a metallic dome. Also, the paint used could be a special type used to defeat infrared sensors.

Photo from, more photos available on The Daily Mail.

Several concept drawings from today show what the helicopter may have looked like:

And a Chinese version:

The website also has a futuristic stealthy “Air Wolf” style drawing.

Several different looks, all from the same tail, but until we have the full picture we can only make guesses. I am just curious where the tail section will end up. When a F-117 crashed in Kosovo back in 1999, it ended up in China’s hands.

Will our “ally” Pakistan return the wreckage? Or will they sell it to the highest bidder?

Backtrack 5 to be released next Week and Xoom Backtrack 5 Coming Soon?

Pentesters rejoice, just one more week until Backtrack 5 will be released!

May 10th, 2011

According to the Backtrack Website:

BackTrack 5 will be based on Ubuntu Lucid (10.04 LTS), and will (finally) support both 32 bit and 64 bit architectures. We will be officially supporting KDE 4, Gnome and Fluxbox while providing users streamlined ISO downloads of each Desktop Environment (DE). Tool integration from our repositories will be seamless with all our supported DE’s, including the specific DE menu structure.

The full source code will be included also with this release, which is something new.

Also, the guys at Offensive Security have been working on getting Backtrack 5 running on a Motorola Xoom:

And it sounds like if they do not have an Android/ ARM hardware version of Backtrack 5 available on May 10th, it could be soon thereafter. Check out their blog post for more information and additional screenshots!

Bin Laden Raid Reported Live on Twitter!

Great news today as the tyrant Osama Bin Laden is finally dealt with. Cudos to the US military for a job well done!

And as details of the raid are sketchy, some of the event was actually Twitted about as it was in progress! Sohaib Athar, aka ReallyVirtual, a Pakistani IT Consultant just happened to be online and using Twitter when the raid went down. Here are some of the most interesting Tweets (See screenshot above):

Helicopter hovering above Abbottabad at 1AM (is a rare event).

A huge window shaking bang here in Abbottabad Cantt. I hope its not the start of something nasty :-S

The abbottabad helicopter/UFO was shot down near the Bilal Town area, and there’s report of a flash. People saying it could be a drone.

Since taliban (probably) don’t have helicpoters, and since they’re saying it was not “ours”, so must be a complicated situation.

The gunfight lasted perhaps 4-5 minutes, I heard. That was around 10 hours ago. There are no other gunfights that I know of.

Some of Sohaib’s tweets really show of his great sense of humor. He threatens in one Tweet to use a giant fly swatter on the helicopter, then later apologizes, when he hears that the helicopter crashed.  Then the reality of what happened struck home:

Uh oh, now I’m the guy who liveblogged the Osama raid without knowing it.

And instantly, Sohaib is a celebrity. His latest tweets echo of a man just trying to get away from the constant attention of the news media and back to everyday life.

What can I say? This is truly the power of the internet. One minute you are just posting random Tweets about local events and the next the media parks in your front lawn to try to find out what socks you are wearing today.

The situation in Pakistan does bring up many questions about our “Ally” though. Honestly, I thought Usama would be hiding out in Saudi Arabia in a cushy palace somewhere. But to find he is holed up in Pakistan (not even Afghanistan!) near a military base really makes one think twice about this ally in the war on terror.