Zeus Botnet Source Code Leaked to Internet

The source code for one of the worst botnets has been leaked to the internet according to eWeek. Zues or ZBot as it is also called is a trojan virus that steals banking credentials.

Formerly the botnet was for sale on the underground for about $5,000. But according to the article, the source code is now available freely:

The complete source code for the Zeus malware kit is being freely distributed as a ZIP file on several underground forums, Peter Kruse, a security researcher with Danish security firm CSIS, wrote on the company blog on May 9. Kruse downloaded the ZIP file, compiled the code and confirmed it worked “like a charm.”

Not only can the source code be compiled and ran by just about anybody, specific parts of the virus could be copied out and used in a completely different malware program.

For more information, see eWeek.

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