New US Stealth Copters used in Osama Raid

From The Register today:

The US special-ops troops who killed Osama bin Laden at the weekend appear to have travelled to their target in previously unknown stealth helicopters. One of the secret choppers was disabled during the raid and blown up by the departing SEAL commandos in a largely successful attempt to prevent its technology falling into non-US hands, but surviving fragments of the tail offer intriguing clues as to the aircraft’s design.

Looks like when the Seals try to destroy the disabled chopper by blowing it up. Problem is, the tail section remained somewhat intact. And from the pictures, it appears to be a never before seen “stealthy” design.

The remnant tail section has more blades than a normal Blackhawk and the blades are covered by a metallic dome. Also, the paint used could be a special type used to defeat infrared sensors.

Photo from, more photos available on The Daily Mail.

Several concept drawings from today show what the helicopter may have looked like:

And a Chinese version:

The website also has a futuristic stealthy “Air Wolf” style drawing.

Several different looks, all from the same tail, but until we have the full picture we can only make guesses. I am just curious where the tail section will end up. When a F-117 crashed in Kosovo back in 1999, it ended up in China’s hands.

Will our “ally” Pakistan return the wreckage? Or will they sell it to the highest bidder?


2 thoughts on “New US Stealth Copters used in Osama Raid”

  1. So, I guess all those conspiracy stories about black choppers hovering silently over fields before cow mutilations are found might not be BS after all? Scary man. Reminds me of the flying spy “peanut” I saw at Johnson Controls as a contractor one time. lol

    1. Makes you wonder huh Philo?

      One thing that seems to remain the same is helicopter reliability.

      But I guess since Operation Eagle Claw, helicopter failure is figured in to specop raids.

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