Backtrack 5 to be released next Week and Xoom Backtrack 5 Coming Soon?

Pentesters rejoice, just one more week until Backtrack 5 will be released!

May 10th, 2011

According to the Backtrack Website:

BackTrack 5 will be based on Ubuntu Lucid (10.04 LTS), and will (finally) support both 32 bit and 64 bit architectures. We will be officially supporting KDE 4, Gnome and Fluxbox while providing users streamlined ISO downloads of each Desktop Environment (DE). Tool integration from our repositories will be seamless with all our supported DE’s, including the specific DE menu structure.

The full source code will be included also with this release, which is something new.

Also, the guys at Offensive Security have been working on getting Backtrack 5 running on a Motorola Xoom:

And it sounds like if they do not have an Android/ ARM hardware version of Backtrack 5 available on May 10th, it could be soon thereafter. Check out their blog post for more information and additional screenshots!

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