Securing your Desktop with Deep Freeze

Looking for an easy way to harden your Windows desktops? Look no farther than Faronic’s Deep Freeze program.

Deep Freeze is very easy to install and configure and is perfect for simply and quickly increasing the security on your desktop or workstation. Once Deep Freeze is installed, it locks your computer down and prevents changes to the system.

So if your surfing along and notice strange messages coming from your system, or you run something that you really are having second doubts about, just reboot. All the changes made will be undone and your system will be back to its fully functional state.

Deep Freeze allows you to selectively choose which drives to protect. It also always for “Thawing” which means to temporarily disable the protection so you can make necessary changes to the system. It also allows folder redirection, so users can actually save work that they are doing to a “thawed” partition.

Deep Freeze is used by numerous school systems to protect workstations from mischievous young surfers. It is also used by professional malware analysis to protect their systems from getting infected.

Interested in learning more? Want to try out the software? Check out Faronics website and download the evaluation version of “Deep Freeze”.

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