Israel to Deploy Rocket Defense Shield

With all eyes on Libya and the Muslim revolutions occurring in several nations, many media outlets have missed the story about increased attacks against Israel.

According to Foxnews, Israel has recently faced the most brutal rocket and mortar attack since Israel’s military campaign into Gaza to stop rocket attacks in 2009.

But to Israel’s credit, they are not just sitting by idly as the attack ensues. On Sunday, Israel has implemented a rocket defense shield called Iron Dome. According to Foxnews:

Iron Dome uses sophisticated cameras and radar to track incoming rockets, determine where they will land, and intercept and destroy them far from their targets. If the system determines the rocket is headed to an open area where casualties are unlikely, it can allow the weapon to explode on the ground.

The deployment time was moved up due to the increased attacks against Israel.

But they have not just created a rocket defense shield, Israel has also created a vehicle defense “shield” to protect their combat vehicles from anti-tank weapons. On March 1st, Israel’s Trophy Tank Protection System successfully destroyed a live rocket propelled grenade (RPG) attack:

An RPG-7 was shot directly at an Israeli tank. The Trophy system was automatically enabled and prevented the RPG from hitting the tank. At first the soldiers in the tank didn’t even notice that an RPG was heading directly towards them. They saw the system alerting and a few minutes later understood that the Trophy had worked successfully. It had prevented the RPG from hitting their tank.

Being surrounded on every side, Israel is creating hi-tech weapons to ensure its survival.

One thought on “Israel to Deploy Rocket Defense Shield”

  1. .At the very end of 2010 stated that it and other Palestinians militant groups in the Gaza Strip would temporarily halt rocket attacks against Israel. However by 7 January Palestinian Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for a mortar attack that injured three agricultural workers and the group was responsible for most of the attacks on Israel in the first two weeks of the year.

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