Small Business Network Drive Storage – Western Digital My Book Live

Need 2 TB of storage for your Small Business network that is fully accessible over your LAN? Just plug in Western Digital’s NAS solution for home or small business, the My Book Live Home Network Drive.

The drive comes with a 10/100 Ethernet connection and a power supply. Just plug in the power supply, connect a network cable and you now have a 2 TB storage server. If you just want to share photos and videos, that is really all you need to do. The drive comes pre-configured with public photo, music and video folders.

Need to create users and file share permissions on the drive? No problem, just install the CD that comes with the drive, run the setup, and configure the device via web interface. You can create multiple users and setup whatever share permissions on the directories that you want.

The drive is a true storage server, it shows up in your network neighborhood and you can map drives to it just like you would any server. It also has a media server installed on it, so you can play music directly from it with your  Microsoft, or Linux clients and also your PS3 or Xbox. You can also view photos from it through your iPhone or iPad.

I absolutely love this drive. It is fairly quick, copying data through the 100 Mb connection at 9-11 Megabytes a second. That is pretty much full line speed for a 100 Mb connection. It has a ton of storage space, and is a breeze to set up. It can also be setup to e-mail you administrative alerts.

I almost forgot to mention it also comes complete with an automated backup system to protect your critical workstation files.

I was able to copy my media files and even perform full backups for a couple systems to it that I needed to wipe. The drive performed absolutely flawlessly.

So what is not to like? Well, one drawback is that it is not meant to be a portable drive. It is meant to be setup in a stationary location. Also, there is no option for expansion or USB port. For these options check out the My Book Live World Edition drives. Finally, I was not able to connect my Wii console to it as a media client. But, after looking into it, the Wii does not come with that feature, but the PS3 and XBox both should work fine.

I really like this drive and highly recommend it.


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