US Psyops used against Libya Captured by Dutch Radio Operator

US psychological warfare messages, along with aircraft numbers, movement and identification in Libya were captured by a Dutch radio operator and then tweeted on his twitter page.

“Commando Solo”, the specially modified US psyop and electronic warfare EC-130E airplane (pictured above) was used extensively in Iraq and now appears to be hard at work in Libya.

One message to Libyan ships late Sunday night was very clear, “If you attempt to leave port, you will be attacked and destroyed immediately.”

According to Wikipedia:

The Lockheed EC-130 is a modified C-130 Hercules used to conduct psychological operations (PSYOP) and civil affairs broadcast missions in the standard AM, FM, HF, TV and military communications bands. Missions are flown at the maximum altitudes possible to ensure optimum propagation patterns. The EC-130 flies during either day or night scenarios with equal success, and is air-refuelable.

A typical mission consists of a single-ship orbit which is offset from the desired target audience. The targets may be either military or civilian personnel. The Commando Solo is operated exclusively by the 193d Special Operations Wing, which is based at the Harrisburg International Airport in Middletown, Pennsylvania.

Check out “The Danger Room” for the full story.


2 thoughts on “US Psyops used against Libya Captured by Dutch Radio Operator”

  1. Hello,

    I’m currently writing my masters thesis at the university of Ghent, Belgium. In this thesis, I’m researching the impact off America’s Army on it’s players. For my literature study, I would really like to use a picture of the “Commando Solo” in a section about the general army-citizens-communication. I found a very nice picture on your blog in an article about this airplane: Could I please have your permission to use this specific picture? I will off course use the correct references to your website.

    Thanks in advance,

    Michiel Oyen.

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