Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Scams

News about Japan relief scams have been circulating. Unfortunately, whenever you have a natural disaster or any type of human suffering, bottom feeders try to scam people.

Scammers have been putting up “Japan Relief Fund” websites to try to take advantage of the good will that members of the international community have. I have also heard of hackers putting up sites with videos of the devastation in Japan. They also try to serve up malware and fake anti-viruses when you visit them. And lastly, the FBI has released a warning today of scam artists sending unsolicited e-mails asking for money.

The FBI released warned that legitimate charities usually end in .org not .com. Don’t send cash, and write checks out to charities, not individual people.

A lot of people want to help. I would recommend sticking with large well-known organizations like the Red Cross and Salvation Army.

It is unfortunate that people would try to gain financially from others pain and lost. If you do give, do so wisely to ensure that your funds will actually get to those in need.

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