Citrix Desktop ‘Virtualization from Wow to How’ Seminar


This is one of the most impressive technology demonstration videos that I have seen.

In the video, Citrix Xen App Virtualization, Xen desktop and Citrix receiver are demoed working together. All I can say is WOW!

The demonstrator in the video showed how, once Xen is set up, you can move your apps and desktop from your office PC desktop, to your Mac airbook, your shop floor thin client, and to your iPad. You can also tie in your iPod Nano and your iPhone.

Imagine flying in a plane, riding in a train, playing golf or being at home and being able to access your office desktop on your Mac or PC?

Very impressive, Check it out at:


2 thoughts on “Citrix Desktop ‘Virtualization from Wow to How’ Seminar”

  1. Hry bud, you get that thing I sent you last night? I can’t check my email cause I’m on the public wifi for the afternoon.

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