China behind WordPress DDoS Attacks

Have trouble getting to WordPress sites lately? Well there is a good reason. was hit with a massive Distributed Denial of Service attack yesterday. In fact it was the largest malicious interruption of service that the site has ever seen. They also faced renewed attacks this morning.

The attacks are not coming out of the middle East as some have initialy thought, but in fact out of China. According to an article on Techcrunch: serves 18 million sites, many of them news sites like our own,  which lead some to conjecture that the attacks had come from the Middle East, a region experiencing its own Internet issues at the moment. Not so says Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg, who tells me that 98% of the attacks over the past two days originated in China with a small percentage coming from Japan and Korea.

WordPress claims that one of the main targets appeared to be a Chinese blog site. Though they will not release the name, but they did say that the site is also unreachable in Baidu, China’s version of Google.

If the Chinese are blocking it in Baidu, you can bet that it is a political site that doesn’t quite agree with the Chinese government. Thus also gaining the attention of China’s political hacktivists…

Or would that be China’s government backed hackers?



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