The Jester takes down Westboro Baptist Church, or was it Anonymous?

Here is a very funny video to kick off your weekend right.

So are Hacktivists “The Jester” and “Anonymous” working together on this one or what?

Looks like the infamous and much hated Westboro Baptist Church has drawn the ire of Anonymous. The spat started last weekend according to The Register:

An ongoing spat between the controversial church of GodHatesFags fame and the loosely knit hacking collective began last weekend with a message threatening hacks against websites that, depending on who you believe, was posted either by the Church itself or a faction of Anonymous. Another faction of Anonymous distanced itself from the plan, categorising Westboro Baptist Church as trolls looking for attention.

But that is not all, Anonymous is claiming that it was The Jester that took the sites down, not them. And it seems to be collaborated by The Jester’s Twitter page: – TANGO DOWN. Temporarily. For celebrating the death of US troops – honeypot fail btw 3:58 PM Feb 21st via XerXeS Attack Platform V3.17

So does this make The Jester and Anonymous friends now? You know, the whole – The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend – kind of thing. Only time will tell, but it appears the hacktivism soap opera continues. And by the large amount of attention that this is drawing, someone should really think about turning this into a new TV reality show!

2 thoughts on “The Jester takes down Westboro Baptist Church, or was it Anonymous?”

    1. Looks like Westboro tried to get some location information on the hackers. It appears to have failed.

      Unfortunately a lot of hackers are on the lookout now for Honeypot type systems.

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