“World’s #1 Hacker” site Hacked – Ligatt Security Breached

Ligatt Security, the home of Gregory D. Evans (self-proclaimed #1 Hacker), has been hacked and private company e-mail messages stolen. According to The Tech Harold, Ligatt was breached last Wednesday and over 80,000 company e-mails were released to the public.

Outrageous claims and questionable practises have made the company a target of a lot of ridicule over the years by numerous security professionals. Evans was even accused of plagiarism in his book, “How to Become the World’s No. 1 Hacker”. And according to The Tech Harold:

Not that long ago, Evans’ Twitter access was suspended for cyberbullying. Twitter took the action against him, after the addresses and personal information of those who are vocal critics appeared on his timeline. Ironically, the week Evans’s account was suspended; he was talking to school children about the threats they face from bullies on the Internet. His account access was returned after the messages were removed.

One would have to wonder about the wisdom of calling oneself the “World’s #1 hacker”. It just seems that it would open you up to a lot of unwanted attention. And to add insult to injury, the day of the hack was also Evan’s birthday. 

The attackers may have had internal help. Along with releasing a 4 GB torrent file containing the e-mails, a letter was also included.

The letter ends with:

To the brave soul who helped make this possible: thank you. You took
great personal risk to bring this information forward, and none of it
would be possible without you. It’s unclear how you tolerate his lies
day after day, but you’ve redeemed yourself by supporting this cause.

Finally, to Gregory D Evans: it is done. All your lies are out in the
open. Your investors will know. Your lawyers will know. Your employees
will know. Your mother will know. Your lovers will know. Just step away
and move on. Stop the stock scams. Stop the lawsuits. Stop the
harassment. Stop robbing your employees. Stop embezzling. Stop
deceiving every person in your life. When your child grows up and
learns about you, the only legacy you’ll be leaving is one of deception
and fraud.

Happy Birthday Mr. Evans

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