Government and Military Website Access for Sale

Numerous Government, Military and Educational admin accounts are for sale online. Security company Imperva discovered major websites had been hacked and site access was up for sale. Impera revealed screenshots of the Hackers website listing the compromised sites.    

The site reads like a shopping list:

Looking for full admin access to a government system in Itay? $99
American government systems? $55 – $99
Army websites or National Guard? $399 – $499

The full site names that have been compromised are somewhat blocked out in the pictures on Imperva’s blog. But, according to an article on E-Week, the sites included the Department of Defense Pharmacoeconomic Center, the United States Army’s CECOM (Communications Electronic Command), the University of South Carolina Beaufort, and Utah’s State site.

Websites that were compromised have been contacted.

Compromised usernames, passwords and credit card numbers have been on sale by hackers for a long time. But this new wave of selling access to government and especially military sites is very disturbing. It was also recently found that hackers found a way to bypass government smart card security.

Obviously hackers are finding ways to compromise government systems. Our nation’s federal cyber security experts really need to take a step back and take a new look at securing government and department of defense systems. 



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