Internet Shutdown in Egypt due to Protests

The internet is down in Egypt. Government officials have shutdown the internet due to political protests there. Unlike in Iran and Tunisia, where officials just blocked social media sites, Egypt has now shutdown the majority of the country’s Internet Service Providers (ISPs). On Tuesday, just Twitter and Facebook were blocked. But now, ISPs that provide users access to the internet have been shutdown.

Only one remained live as of this morning according to an AP article on ValleyNewsLive:

Link Egypt, Vodafone/Raya, Telecom Egypt, Etisalat Misr – and all went dark at 12:34 a.m. Those companies shuttle all Internet traffic into and out of Egypt, though many people get their service through additional local providers with different names.

Italy-based Seabone said no Internet traffic was going into or out of Egypt after 12:30 a.m. local time.

Only Noor, which handles the Egyptian stock exchange and foreign businesses was still functional.

BlackBerry internet access has also been reportedly disabled. Though some apps still seem to work, internet browsing no longer functions. With reports stating that landline phones are still functional, this really shows how important the internet has become. 

This seems to be the new standard operating procedure when there are riots in these dictator type countries. If their is political unrest, the internet goes down to try to stop images and reports from getting out of the country.

Most of the Government systems in the US are protected by Einstein, an automated self-defense system. Kind of makes you wonder why our country is pushing so hard to get an internet kill switch


3 thoughts on “Internet Shutdown in Egypt due to Protests”

  1. Hey bud, did you see the law is tracking down those idiots from “anonymous” and raiding their houses? Apparently that DDoS program they were distributing didn’t mask Ip/Mac’s. Sounds like piss-poor design or a honeypot to me. lol

    1. “Kind of makes you wonder why our country is pushing so hard to get an internet kill switch…”

      I thought it was maybe to stop a major attack like StuxNet from spreading. But considering how indecisive this POTUS is, it does seem kind of pointless. Unless of course, there’s another reason to have it…

      1. Thanks bro. I have been contemplating doing an article on it, but have just been so sick of hearing about Wikileaks, your comment convinced me to go ahead with it. 🙂

        Yeah, several people have really expressed concerns about what the true intent about the kill switch is. And with Egypt shutting down things today, Numerous tweets are bringing up the fact that the US wants a kill switch.

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