Government Smart Card Security broken by Hackers

Almost all government systems now require a smart card along with a password to gain access. Well, looks like hackers have found a way to circumvent the smart card security token.

According to a TechWorld article, security company Mandiant has discovered what they call a smart card proxy attack. Hackers have been able to bypass the security token by redirecting the token request.

Hackers gain access to systems by sending users a malicious e-mail attachment. Then they use a key-logger program to steal the users password as it is typed in.

Finally, the criminals attempt to log into the government server and redirect the token request back to the hacked system. 

For more information see the full article on TechWorld.


~ by D. Dieterle on January 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Government Smart Card Security broken by Hackers”

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