Bypass Windows 7 UAC with Backtrack 4 Meterpreter

I have mentioned in earlier posts how important it is to have Windows User Account Control (UAC) running, even at the lowest level, to thwart some hacker attacks. UAC effectively blocks several hacker techniques, especially on Windows 7.

There are a few several-step techniques to disable or bypass UAC, but I figured it would only be a matter of time before an easy to use script was created.

Security programming master David Kennedy recently released the above video on bypassing UAC with Backtrack 4 Meterpreter. Kevin Mitnick needed to bypass UAC for a penetration test, and together with David, came up with this script.

The script was just added to Metasploit today. For more information check out David’s Secmaniac site.


2 thoughts on “Bypass Windows 7 UAC with Backtrack 4 Meterpreter”

    1. Hi Koeong, thanks for visiting.

      The script is in Backtrack, but it will not run with just “run bypass”, you need to use the full path which I think is Post/windows/escalate/bypassuac. Also, it only seems to work against Windows 7 when the user is logged in as an admin level account. Works great against XP.

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