Mossad Spy Vulture Detained in Saudi Arabia

The Israelis are known for their innovation. They helped lead the development in cutting edge Unmanned Arial Drones (UAVs), but their latest move is right out of science fiction.

According to reports, a Mossad vulture has been arrested in Saudi Arabia. An anonymous Mossad insider has revealed that Israel spent months grooming the vulture for special operations.  He was hand picked from being a chick after showing uncanny aptitude. He finished at the top of all his classes. He was strong, determined and faithful.

But when he was infiltrated behind enemy lines, his handlers missed one crucial thing. They forgot to remove the “Tel Aviv University” tag from his leg. He was promptly discovered, arrested and questioned.

According to TheRegister, this is not the first time highly trained animals were used by Israel:

Sinai regional governer Mohamed Abdel Fadil Shousha recently suggested that a shark which killed and maimed tourists off the Egyptian Red Sea resort of Sharm el Sheikh was playing Jaws at the behest of Israeli agents.

Intense prisoner swap negotiations are now under way between the top levels of Saudi and Israeli government. We will stay on top of this high-flying story and keep you abreast of any changes as they occur. 


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