Free “Kid Logger 5.5” Key Logger and Activity Recorder

Looking for a good Key Logger program that is free? Check out the opensource program Kid Logger 5.5.

Recently I was in need of a key logger type program. As for my list of needs, it needed to record keys typed, websites visited and most of all needed to be low cost. Kid Logger meets all those needs and more.

Kid Logger not only records key strokes and webpages visited, but also logs chat room sessions, programs opened, pictures or videos viewed, copy/paste operations and USB drive usage. But that is not all; it also takes desktop screen captures at a defined interval, can be set to record audio chats, or can be triggered to record any sound by a definable sound level. And if that is not enough, the program can be password protected and encrypts all logs by default.

You can also record individual user’s activities from a user checklist.


That is an impressive list for a free program. But how well does it work? Exceptional, as you can see below, the program records every keystroke to a running log.


Also, it keeps screen captures in the log directory in .JPG format.


I was very impressed with Kid Logger, especially upon viewing the logs and seeing a log entry that stated “Internet History Deleted”. Very interesting indeed.

Because of its laundry list of capabilities, Kid Logger could be used in a variety of situations. It does a great job of keeping tabs on young children and what they are getting into. But be forewarned, logging a user’s actions without prior consent is illegal in many areas. So before you run out and install this on all your employee’s machines, you will need to check with your state and local laws.

Check out Kid Logger, you will not be disappointed.


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