Wikileaks Out, The Jester Speaks Out, Anonops Freaks Out

The insanity that is Wikileaks continues. As you may know if you have been following this soap opera, PayPal, MasterCard and Visa all suffered attacks after cutting off funding to the Wikileaks site.

According to one website, a Hacktivist groups called Anonymous (“Anonops” – See video above) that attacked the financial companies is offering its hacker toolkit (LOIC – Low Orbit Ion Cannon) free to any one who wants to join in on the offensive. There are currently about 500 computers in the LOIC Botnet Hive. Wow, what were they thinking there?

It looks like a full war of Hacktivists has started as Anonops itself suffered a Denial of Service Attack. Pandalabs has an exceptional timeline with charts of the ongoing DDoS war.

And lastly, The Jester breaks the silence and releases a statement. Basically saying that there is a Jester imposter, and vengeance is mine.  

Craziness, and I was hoping this Wikileaks nonsense would stop this week. Now it seems that it has created a DDoS storm of pro and anti-Wikileaks followers.

What is next? Tune in next week for the next exciting episode of “Why isn’t Assange in Federal Prison yet”? Or “Obama shuts down internet to stop DDoS attacks”.


9 thoughts on “Wikileaks Out, The Jester Speaks Out, Anonops Freaks Out”

  1. This is really funny to me. A bunch of lonely, bitter, basement dwellers fight for “internet openness and freedom” while hiding behind the moniker “Anonymous”. I bet you that 98% of these idiots are teenagers who don’t even pay for their own internet connection.

    Like a cyber-version of these anarchist idiots that crawl out of the wood-work when the world bank comes to town…

    1. I don’t know dok, are you sure that he doesn’t have a big “OFF” switch right next to his desk? You know, it’s encased in glass and says “Break In case of World Wide DDoS”.

      I’m just kidding dok, but if China can hijack 15% of the worlds web traffic and force it to go through their routers, then it should be feasible to tie up a larger section of traffic.

      Maybe Obama can’t turn off the whole Internet, but I think that each country should be able to turn off incoming traffic from other nations in cases of emergency.

  2. Love how he’s been crying all week about leaks putting him in a bad light, and, the guy wanted his release address lept secret! priceless!!!!

    1. Yeah, quite the comedy isn’t it? He thinks it is okay to put American soldiers, agents and suppliers at risk, but for goodness sake, don’t let anyone know his home address…

      Wow, priceless!

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