Wikileaks Julian Assange BUSTED!

Well about time. News story is developing now, but looks like he turned himself in to a London police station. He was denied bail and is refusing to be extradited to Sweden.

Assange refuses extradition after London arrest
British Court Denies Bail to Assange in Sex Inquiry


3 thoughts on “Wikileaks Julian Assange BUSTED!”

  1. For not wearing a condom. Strange definitions for ‘rape’ over there. And of course, his defenders are now saying one of his accusers is a CIA agent, as DDoS attacks are tossed back and forth like so many pies in a farce.

    This gets stranger every day. Wonder how his views on “openness” and “transparency” are gonna go over in the “pokey”? 🙂

    1. Man Philo, Glenn Beck had a great episode on this. He had some great background on “The Victims”. The one meets Assange, is “raped” by him, then throws him a party the next day, where she introduces him to “victim #2”.

      Common tactic of intelligence agencies to use a pretty young agent, not sure if CIA is behind this one though, to odd..

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