Jester an Imposter? Wikileaks without Home & White House Warning

The Wikileaks saga continued today. After Wikileaks attacker “The Jester” stated that an imposter had claimed that his home was raided by police, reports have come out saying that “The Jester” may in fact be pretending to be the imposter.

It seems that Wikileaks is currently looking for a new home. After being under constant DoS attacks, Wikileaks moved their site back to the Amazon cloud. Amazon summarily canceled their site claiming that it violated the terms of use policy.  Wikileaks then released a statement denying Amazon’s claim of breach of terms and posted this on Twitter:

“Amazon’s press release does not accord with the facts on public record. It is one thing to be cowardly. Another to lie about it”

Next Wikileaks moved to the Swiss hosted domain “”. This domain is hosted by both French and Swiss servers. But, on Friday France moved to ban Wikileaks from its servers due to the political backlash of the document release:

Industry Minister Eric Besson says it’s “unacceptable” for French servers to host the site, which “violates the secret of diplomatic relations and puts people protected by diplomatic secret in danger.“”

It also looks like Sweden may be turning on Wikileaks also as it finally finalized an arrest warrant for founder Julian Assange:

“Swedish officials issued a Europe-wide arrest warrant for Assange earlier in the week, only to have to refile it when British officials got in touch to say that it did not meet their standards. Swedish authorities said they have now passed on all supplementary information asked for by British police, meaning that an arrest could be imminent.”

It looks like time may be running out for Assange.

In the meantime, the White House released a memo to government employees warning them not to read the classified memos on the Wikileaks site. Apparently, even though they are on a public site, it does –

“…not alter the documents’ classified status or automatically result in declassification of the documents. To the contrary, classified information, whether or not already posted on public websites or disclosed to the media remains classified, and must be treated as such by federal employees and contractors, until it is declassified by an appropriate U.S. Government authority”

But could a government employee be fired for reading classified documents on the Wikileaks site? Possibly, says White House Office of Management and Budget spokesperson Moira Mack:

Any breaches of protocols governing access to classified material are subject to applicable sanctions under long-standing and existing law.”

Well, it seems that the entire world can read the documents on the Wikileaks site, but you better stay clear if you are a government employee…

Wikileaks needs to be shutdown. Assange needs to be prosecuted and the sources need to be court martialed as traitors.

Hopefully this madness will end soon.


4 thoughts on “Jester an Imposter? Wikileaks without Home & White House Warning”

  1. ~On the Jester, Something about him “impostering”;) himself just doesn’t feel right. Why go through all that trouble. For someone with enough net-savvy to create and operate XerXes, surely there would be a less complex and faster ways to scam money on the interwebs?

    ~There is a heavy dose of irony to this whole wikileaks scandal. I have long stated that that interwebs have been operating under the same rules as print journalism did way back in the day, before they were held to some standards regarding truth, liability, and slander. We all love this idea of a “free and open internet”, but when you drill down through that facade, what most people mean is that they want a place where they can get other people’s things for free, and do/say whatever they wish without consequence.

    That’s all fine and good, but let’s not kid ourselves into believing this is about “free speech” or “open societies”. It’s about a wild-west mindset where anything goes, (for the most part). And what happened in the wild-west when things got too silly, for too long? The law came to town.

    Wikileaks claims to be the beacon of openness and freedom, exposing secrets and misdoings. I personally think this is bull$hit, as wikileaks real aim seems pretty clearly to attack the US. None the less, what it’s really doing is acting as the catalyst for some serious net-regulations.

    Perhaps the headline, “Does Julian Assange work for Dick Cheney?” wasn’t so far off the mark after all?

    1. Well said Philo. The Wild West analogy is dead on.

      It still kills me that Assange claimed the next release would focus on Chinese and Russian documents, and low and behold it is mainly US documents again.

      This guy is on a one man mission to try to destroy the US. Either that or China and Russia scares him more and he felt safer messing with the US…

      I still think the theory that “The Jester” is just a cover for American cyber ops against jihad sites and Wikileaks holds water. It’s the whole plausible deniability thing. The US can sit back and say, its not us it’s a former military hacktivist.

      I just can’t believe that we would sit by idly and let Wikileaks do this when we have very effective offensive capabilities. And a cyber command that is supposed to protect DOD and government sites.

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