Wikileaks to Release more Secret Documents this Week

Wikileaks is at it again. According to a FoxNews report, Wikileaks is set to release several hundred thousand sensitive diplomatic messages this week, possibly as soon as Friday. 

This release will mostly be diplomatic cables mainly involving; yes you guessed it, the US.

Due to the sensitive nature of these cables, the relationships with several allied nations could be affected. The State Department has already begun notifying allies about the pending release.

“We are prepared for the worst — and the worst is that this will have an impact on our diplomatic relations with many, many countries,” State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said. “They are going to create tension in relationships between our diplomats and our friends around the world.”

So it appears that Wikileaks assault against the United States continues. An article earlier this month on mentioned that Wikileaks next release would include documents involving Russia and China. It would appear though from the news today that again the US will be Wikileaks target.

Several reports issued this year said that Wikileaks plans on releasing Russian documents, but is having language barrier issues. This is an odd comment in this day and age as Google Translate seems to work very well. Maybe there is another reason why Wikileaks is holding off exposing Russian secrets.

In January, a Russian secret services agent denied that Wikileaks posed them any threat and warned that the “right team” of people could simply shut down the whistleblower website forever according to The Moscow News. Also, according to the article:

Longstanding links between hacker cells and the FSB lend credence to this thinly-veiled secret services threat. Investigative journalist Andrei Soldatov has detailed how the Russian FSB “maintain a sophisticated alliance with unofficial hackers, such as those who carry out cyber attacks on the websites of enemies of the state”.

According to the FoxNews article, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is leading a fairly paranoid life now due to the earlier US Document releases. I am sure that adding the Russian FSB and Chinese intelligence agencies to the mix will do little to assuage his fears. 


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