How Israel Screens for Terrorists

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The TSA is currently using some very controversial tactics to secure our airports from terrorist activity. This includes the use of revealing body scanners and what some claim to be very inappropriate physical searches.

Also, as some may know, white hat hacker Moxie Marlinspike was stopped, had his phone and computer confiscated and searched without warrant. Apparently he was put a Federal Terrorist watch list.

Is all this really necessary? I mean come on, do we really need to come to this to stop a few bad apples? Israel deals with a lot more terrorist activity than we do, and yet they have not had an incident with a plane in decades. Their secret? They never let them on the plane.

Check out this exceptional WSJ video.


3 thoughts on “How Israel Screens for Terrorists”

  1. This has little to do with security, and everything to do with the ‘appearance’ of providing security. Who can really say with any degree of honesty that some fat, GED flunky TSA agent, groping a three year old blond girl while she begs him to stop touching her, is making any of us safer?

    It baffles me that people would allow their wives and daughters to be viewed naked, felt up, and worse, just so they can fly instead of driving.

    Think about that for a second people. You’re letting a complete stranger do something to you and your family that the cops can’t even do without a warrant, all for the sake of convenience. Pathetic.

    1. Right on Philo. I starting reading the 9/11 commission report awhile back. I stopped when I got to the part where several of the 9/11 terrorists were flagged by the automated security system, but were let onboard by the airport security screening contractors.

      What kills me is that they were not even full time airport employee’s. Israel uses highly trained human screeners as the last line of defense for airplane security, we use contractors.

      And if it is anything like the IT field, they were probably hired through a head hunting agency, to work the graveyard shifts, and are ticked because they do not have the same benefits that regular airline employees have.

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